Dimanche au Skatepark

Today i have a lot to say xD Be sure you have your eyes wide open because you will read exclusive news and you will have to remember what i’ve said in a few days….

Because… A BIG new is coming @ Jamman jewels store. Jamman, the creator is working for monthes on this release and this will definitly change your fashionista life, in a very good way. You know, Jamman never release creations if they are not totally perfect. This one was on his mind and he worked very hard for it. And as his manager, i’m very impressed by his patience and his will to give you the Best.

This incredible release is : The Ultimate Deluxe fingernails Hud. The What ??? Ultimate ? Yes, Ultimate. THE nails hud every SL girls should have in her inventory, becausewith this one, you don’t need anything else ! You can delete all the old ones ^^ The Ultimate Hud contains 8 Collections of nails : Standard, Glam, Tattoo, Dots, fantasy, fantasy 2, Silver and Gold. Each collection contains 100 textures. Ok, i guess you understand now ! It means you’ll have 800  differents nails textures in one Hud ! AND, it’s not the only thing you’ll have in it : It fits every hand size, 4 nails size (from short to extra long), 3 sets of rings you can mix and match, gemstones and the possibility to recolor your nails one by one ! \o/

Ok that’s a bit long but it worth it :) I’ll post here the vendor poster as soon as it will be in store :D And now i let you discover the other news i wear in this post thought the shopping i wrote (with love!)

Après l’effort,…

For this round of Fluid (the bi weekly event where you can find exclusive poses and props) the theme is Sport !  So I decided to make my post around the basketball theme prop of Art Dummy.  This items is composed of 4 pieces (if you’re not a fan of basketball, you can keep the ball on your inventory!). Among them, a scripted sink with 4 animations.

>> TP To Fluid <<


First, wanna thank you again for all your likes on my posts here and on my posts on Zombiepopcorn Blog :) Thay make me feel very happy each time and encourage me a lot ! And also welcome to my new followers ! Thank you all for your support ! Don’t hésitate to add me on Flickr or on Facebook so that we can share and stay in touch :p

Today i’ve made a simple urban look around some news, especially thanks to the new mesh baggy from [Bufu] !

Someone Bit Me Last Night….

Again, a mix’n’match outfit with some news grabbed everywhere ^^ I make it around the new Opopop Release, a super sexy jean called Ridicool, that is also available for men !  “Another jean…” NO! What i love with Opopop, it’s the details on the clothes :) And the high quality isn’t expensive here :D

And a big crush for this Modish Skin, available at GSP!  Modish has recently entered my top 3 of favorite skins designers :D They have a lot of amazing skins and a huge variety of styles  !

Thank you again for following me and for your likes on my posts :D If you like my work, don’t hesitate to add me in your blogroll, or give the adress to your friends !! ^^

  • Skin: Modish ~ Doomed (@ GSP)
  • Hair: Exile ~Jules
  • Top: Apple May design ~Graphic tanks (@ Mesh around Hunt !)
  • Jean: Opopop~Ridicool (New)
  • Shoes: NYU ~Minimal leather heels (New)
  • Bag: NYU ~Suede leather bag (New)
  • Poses : Focus

Sunday: Sportswear.

I’m not very familiar with sportswear in SL, but this time, i really fell in love with the new mesh pant made by Kapone. Available in 6 amazing colors, it makes you sexy and casual at the same time !

>> Tp to Kapone <<

Vestigium released new awesome tattoos :) Check the shopping list ;)

Good girl gone bad

In this post, some of the best items of the Stuff in stock round currently running !!

And, have a look on this amazing pair of biker boots you can grab at the (coming soon) Fashioncentic hunt !!

He turned me crazy…. very Crazy…

A cyber look to celebrate two main news !

  1. The new little hole dress of Bad Romance, sexy as hell, with little holes on the front and…. surprise ! on the back XD
  2. The new cyber pack of Delicious ! They released cyber things just as gas mask, ring, collar,..

My internship RL take me a loooot of time, please don’t blame me if i blog less ;) 

Girl look at that body, I work out!

Hi =)

In my previous post i told you a few words about Neurolab‘s new Shoks shoes in “eletro” version, so here they are !! (you can see them better in the 2nd shot). So, first you choose the main color to buy, and then , you can play with the hud to change all the little parts of the shoe ! You can customize them so as they fit all your outfits ;)  I made a classic version in this post but can, of course, use more bright colors ;)

>> Neurolab ? Hummm, THIS WAY ! <<

And, oh, Les petits détails has a new skin out :D I looove their skins, and this one is perfect, as always :D

1 colour, 2 looks.

I think the sun is inspiring our dear SL designers ^^ They all create colorfull clothes and accessories this week :D i’m not very familiar with bright colours but i must admit that a a brand new items convinced me defenitly yesterday :  The Shoks shoes (mesh), by Neurolab. They are absolutely perfect ! I Must run grab yours ! Lot of cute colours available !!  In this post i’ll show you the normal version, but keep in mind that it exists an electro” version as well <3

>> Run to Neurolab<<

Of course it is not the only new item in this post, i invite you to discover the fabulous other ones in the shopping list !

Look 1:

Look 2:

Culture Hip-hop

Hello there =)  Today I wanna show you some randoms news, in a look made around the new top of Tentacio ^^It’s available in 4 colors and a really love the drawing in it ! For this look i was also inspired by the amazing Elygo sneakers ! They are sooo original :D

In this post you’ll discover (or re-discover)  the brand Chronokit. I choose to wear the mesh belt and mesh baggy together for this post, they are really well made and very detailed and available in so many colors, that’s a pleasure to wear such beautiful clothes ! Maybe you should have a look on their store ;)  >> TP to Chronokit <<

For the rest, i let you discover the shopping list below ^^    Have a nice day :D