Naughty Cat

FIRST, i wanna say i’m soooo sorry.. I have some big trouble with secondlife these past few days and connot do my job correctly… I’m lagging tooo much and it’s very difficult for me to prepare my looks and take pictures (well, i need 20min to rezz and 30 min to take 1 picture -_-“). i’m using the official third viewer and didn’t find the issue yet so, sorry designers if i can’t blog for you right now… Blogging is my passion and i do my best to continue… *sadface*

Ok so, halloween will come soon and i will make some dark looks :) I felt in love with that Mesh cat mask by Mina <3

Fuckin’ Princesses

Hi there :) Today i’m happy to show you a new collaboration on Fashion 4 Life. I love meet new people and make post with them :)  In this post, meet Mathylda, the new stylish girlfriend of one of my best friend on SL !  She will reopen her blog soon, and i’m sure we will make other post together soon. Stay tuned ;)

We decided to wear our cute new dresses and have a walk in Melbourne Streets, talking about guys and stuffs. Her dress is from Tee*fy, and mine was made by Leri Miles Design. But I suggest you to look the shopping list for more details ;)

Mathylda wears (left) :

Loute wears (right):

Quand le chat n’est pas la…

Minnie has gone Bad :p Great idea from the store GoK who released Rebel Minnie’s theme items for Pink Ribbon Fair !! Because yes, pink is beautiful but.. Sometimes dark is event better ^^

In this post you’ll find some news. Among them, the silver skull & bow necklace, which is the brand new release by Jamman jewels. The hands with bracelet and barberwire come from Painful Art and are very original :D Just like the cute legwarmer from Dirty land !

Looking for good deals, sales and discounts ?  Check my “Deals of the Month” Page!

Psycho Cat

YES week end =)  Looot of work to do on Secondlife xD I’m in charge of the conception of 20 Vendors, i hope i’ll rock xD

I wanna welcome a new sponsor in my blog, i’m really happy she accepted my request because i totally love her creations, they fits perfectly my style :D So in this post you’ll see several items from the store : Psycho.byts !!

Check the shopping list ! I’ve combine them with items you can find discounted at different events :)

Welcome on Board

The Perfect Wardrobe has begun a new round which theme is the Elements. For this event, Wynter released Two beautiful mesh jackets, one for the air and the other for the fire that i’ll show you on this post =)

>> TP to Perfect Wardrobe<<

Laundry Girl

In these cold rl days, it’s good too wear something else than big coats and scarf in SL ^^ Happily, May’s Soul released a cute outfit for us, avalable @Gorean Room. This outfit includes Top, body, armband, ankleband, Belt and backpack :D

The new paws/hooves by Epic are in the new round of Zombiepopcorn Brand ! Steampunk inspiration, animated gauges and tw version of socks (plain or striped)

And to conclude, the first mesh item in Jamman jewels collection. You can find it in several version (2 or 4 cables, heart, clover, spade and square patterns). In includes a cute necklca and 2 armbands.

Rainbow – The perfect Wardrobe

New round of The Perfect Wardrobe is starting now, a the theme is : Rainbow :D

For this event, Epic offers a preview of a future release, Rainbow radial radar digi legs, with paws & claws versions, in pink and purple, with some rainbow lights in them =)

I also show you here the PW item of Delusion, a cute glitter miniskirt, available in… all the rainbow colors, of course !

>> TP to Perfect Wardrobe <<

Christmas Kitty

Hey =)

Perfect Wardrobe new edition is running, and the theme is….. Christmas !

Epic did Beautful red & green boots for faun & neko <3   And to dress in consequence, I choose the new dress from Bad Romance, and new necklace from Delicious ! The cute backpack of epic you’ll see is available at the 12 days of christmas hunt, 12l$ gifts are hidden on the Jersey Shore sim !

Check the shopping list <3

Oh and… Thank you for your support, your comments, your likes, it helps me when i’m not in a good mood, your support is very precious for me, and I always need your opinion and feedbacks to improve my blog everyday! Thank you all, designers and followers !  <3

Skin: Silenced ~Whisper skin pale

Make up : Miss shippe’s studio ~Dali stripes sequins (Collabor 88)

Hair : [e] ~With

Necklace and mouthie: Delicious ~ZipMeeh (NEW)

Dress : Bad Romance ~Slutty Dress (NEW)

Legs : Epic ~Simply Christmas boots (Perfect wardrobe)

Backpack: Epic ~ Tdoch kawaii sparkle christmas ornament backpack (12 days of Christmas)

Tights: Izzie’s ~Gradient tights

Black beast

Hi all :)

Back to black ! Special review for Smalltime :) they released this amazing pair of boots, with both paws and hooves version, for cyber, dark or faun/neko looks. For me they are perfect !  You can find it on the marketplace HERE. And I you are lucky, maybe you can grab the limited edition in White color Here. :D

Also, the new release of Bar Romance, sexy as always :)

Skin : Plastik ~Lionheart Metal

Hair : magika ~Twentyfour

Top : Bad Romance ~Sheer leo

Piercing : Ni.ju ~Amped piercing (Perfect Wardrobe)

Pant : Sakide ~Rollin’ off panties

Gloves: Pixel ~Demonbaby gloves

Tattoo : Salt and Pepper ~The world of Witches (<3)

Boots : Smalltime ~Space walkerboots

On head : Hysteria ~Gratia plena

♠ Are you envious ? ♠

Can we be dressed in dark and be sexy at the same time ? Of course YES. And today, it’s thanks to Envious.  It was soooo difficult to choose only two outfits to blog because there are plenty of cute things in that store, particularly full outfits, so many different styles, and low prices !

Just Amazing !  Run to Envious now !      >> Taxi TO ENVIOUS <<

Outfit  (includes Jacket, mini skirt, tights & shoes not shown here) : Envious • Lithium

Hair : BM •  Rius  & Deetalez • Shaved flowery

Claws : [ni.ju] • Claws

Cat parts : Mutation industries • Cat person parts

Skin : The plastik • Ataciara lullaby Cleavage Mnalani

Outfit (includes Dress, jacket, tights and shoes that i doesn’t wear here): Envious • Vendetta

Hooves : [PERA] • jean hoof legging

Hair : Calico ingmann creations • Zane

Skin : The Plastik • Ataciara Melody betta