Super Kawai !

I used to hate green…. really.

But when i saw the make up of [SUMii], i immediatly changed my mind ! And when her owner, the cuttie Setsumi sent me the green faun eyes, i couldn’t resist to make a Green full outfit 😀

[ SUMii] and  Bullwinkle store are open now, go check it asap !! 😀

Eyes: [SUMii] • Green faun eyes

hair: Creatives ! hair • Medusa

Pant : The Plastik • Aeda slacks apple

armband: ::insanya:: • Zed is dead baby (depraved hunt)

Lashes : Mstyle • Diabolo

Scarf : Myself • Kufiya (no Lm sorry :/ )

Faun parts : Illusory • goat basic black

make up : [SUMii] • Natural shadow grass

Piercing : Cobrahive • nose swirl

Skin: Curio • Amber Jasmine mysterious


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