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Second post inspired by an item from Muka ! It’s the Admiral outfit. Well done, sexy as hell !! I’ve to confessed that I’m proud to make reviews for Muka because she is a good french creator and I think She’s gonna be more and more recognized for her talent in SL fashion.

So don’t hesitate one second to visit her store >> Here <<

Stop talking, let’s go for the shopping list..

Horns : /Wasabi pills/ • Inferno horns  (♥♥♥)

Neclace and eyepatch :  Maus (look Fade Dana’s profile)

Nails : La malvada mujer • Claws black

Hair: Calico ingmann creations • Zane

Tail : [Sknk] • Imp tail

Necklace 2 : *Sissi* • Leash

Legs : [Gauze] • demon legs natural

Outfit : *MUKA* • Admiral

Skin, eyes and ears : Plastik • Lionheart elven Metal


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