Stupid Style

Hi people !

Today i’m happy. Because :

1. It seems that Stupid Things and Cool poison have talked together because their last releases perfectly match together ! I could make a hoodie-look without effort =)

2. ST created some plugs, and especially one pair with French flag !! Look in ST store, you’ll probably find yours too =) + Astrology tattoo ! I’m Lion \o/


Eyes :  The plastik • bloodless grape

Skin : Vive9 • Grace (caramel)

Shape : [GENRE]  • Inna

Tattoo: Stupid Things • Star signs LEO & Linc • Koi leg

Jacket : Stupid things • bubble black jacket

Plugs : Stupid things • Plug French \o/

Shoes: A-BOMB • Addiction hunt shoes

Pant : Cool poison • Bazic pant

Necklace : Yellow Berry • lunatic lanyard (geek hunt item)

Piercing :  Cobrahive • Gauged 03

Hair : RAW HOUSE • Urban savage 2 (♥ this one)





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