I discovered this store a few days ago and litterally fell in love… Clothes are simple just as the store himself, there is not a mountain of  clothes everywhere, you take pleasure to look at each detail, and finally you want to buy all in it !!  I’m proud to wear these clothes and show them today….

Thank you Imbue !       >> TAXI TO IMBUE <<

from Imbue :

Skin • Misty pale frex ♥

Shirt • Leopard cross

Shoes • Sandal heels Black ♥

Ring • Bow ring (cutest ring EVER! )

Others :

Shape : GENRE • Inna

Hair : • yelena 2

Leggings : Loveme • Animal story   (Imbue also made some sexy tights but this one fits well with the shirt ^^)

Miniskirt : Linc • Ruffled miniskirt



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