Sales !

Yay, Sales ! Not-yay, closing sales !     Sales are good for my lindens but i don’t like when it’s associated with “closing”, even if sometimes it’s not really a disparition of a store…   Atm, run to Berries Inc where Everything is at 50l$ !!

Here are some exemples of what you can find there…

(Sorry for the quality of the picture, i’m trying to find the best way to make good picture but i’m not very talented…)

>> Taxi TO Berries Inc <<

Look one : 

Hair : Berries Inc • Sam

Top : berries Inc • Mathilda top choco

Skirt : Berries inc • Marla black

Shoes : Kookie • Vintage armada boots (old 50 linden friday item)

Tights : Gawk • white nylon tights

Look two:

Hair: Berries Inc • Lotta

Dress : Berries Inc • Mel dress lemon

Jean : Berries inc • jeans

Shoes : NC • Sneakers heel black

On both : 

Skin: Iren • Nina (GSP)








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