I’ve just discovered today the event colabor88. I didn’t find the LM for years and FINALLY, i went there ! Wow ! Great creator release exclusive items for only 88 lindens !

Moreover, wanna show you the new cute skin released by Filthy ♥ Frex/non frex and 6 make up available for each tone, Yummy =)

>> Taxi to FILTHY<<

>> Taxi to COLABOR 88 <<

Skin : Filthy • Kate

Hair : Clawtooth • Mystery (C88)

Hooves : Epic • Basic faun legs blonde

Belt : Izzie’s • Bow waist belt blue

Tattoo : HUZ • Butterfly reborn

Dress : Tres Blah • C88 mellow dress  (colabor 88 item)

Necklace : To one lounge • Layered necklace

On nose : Baffle! • Flutterby on nose (Free)

Horns : Baffle! • Acorn antlers





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