It’s Tea Time again

Yay ! I’m now a Tea Time blogger !! And i’m soooo proud of it because i really love this Store ! I’ll try to be the best Tea time Blogger of all times I promised 🙂 Tea Xofan, the owner is incredible generous and pretty and funny and talented and too-much-other-adjectives (even if she forgot me, But i forgive her ^^ )

So today, i show you the awesome vintage dress she put on the lucky board a few days ago. Isn’t it cute as hell ?

>> Taxi to TEA TIME <<

Take the time to visit (also), the lil store of Petrichor, there are some beautiful shapes and very cute tattoos there 🙂

Tattoo : Petrichor • Leopard sleeves

Skin : Illusory • Skin paige naturally neaon (C88)

Dress : tea time • Vintage dress (lucky board)

Bag : tea time • Old bag brown (♥)

Shoes : Tea time • Platform blackorange abstract

Bangles : Pididdle • Ivory claws bangles (C88)


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