Fly away.

Wow ! Awesome newssss !! *excited*

First : Toxic Bish released this sexy hot hot hot outfit ! Available in many colors (white, grey, red, pink, yellow,…), Show your sexy asses girls ; )

Second : Cute tattoos from Bleeding Pink, just check it out, i isn’t very expensive, and quality ones ! Your body want them, I know it ūüėÄ

And To conclude, I really wanna advise you to go to the lil’ store XYR, the owner make some very beautiful and original skins ‚̧

Skin and eyes : XYR ~Veronica doll skin (group gift ! )

Top and pant : Toxic bish ~Just one bish

Hair : Anaphora ~Mayhem

Wings : Hoot ~frozen wings

Hooves : Gauze ~demon legs natural

Tattoos : Bleeding pink ~ Gamble for me / Hopefull Love and I ‚̧ you


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