Stop searching….

…. all you need is @ Cheeky & Perle!

As you may know, my favourite activity in Second life is to discover new little store, new treasures in it, mostly on marketplace, because unluckyly, a lot of talented designers don’t have enough money to own their store inworld. I really appreciate finding some of these “pearls” and offer my help by blogging their items.

Today, this is my “pearl”, Cheeky & Perle. Everything you need is there, accessories, shapes, clothes, quality prims. I LOVE that store. It just comes in Second position in my top 10 of SL stores :] And I’m very proud to blog for them !

I tried to compose two looks to show you what they can create, and I advise you to go there take a look ūüėČ

>>  CHEEKY& PERLE Market place <<

Skin : Plastik ~Lionheart Desert

Hair : Lamb ~Lost

Shirt : Cheeky  ~Funny shirt diva

Skirt: Perle ~Milka cow skirt

On mouth : Perle ~Tanga (This mouthie is Sooo funny ‚̧ )

Necklace : Perle ~Fuck necklace

Plugs : Cheeky ~ Plug strawberry (The ones you MUST possess ! )

Shoes : B&T ~Stars winter sneakers Vichy pink

Hair : Dura ~Boys&girls 03

Makeup : Plastik ~Aleria unisex geisha (Lazy sunday item)

Plug : Perle ~Bulb plugs ( The most original plugs i’ve ever seen)

Jacket: Perle ~ Vest Jacke (No boyfriend ? Buy this jacket for your boobs ! ^^)

Pant : Cheeky ~Black extreme lowrise with glasses

Top: Cheeky ~Grey top open

Belt : Cheeky ~gun belt black (Beautiful & well done <3)

On mouth : Cheeky ~ Weed piercing

Shoes : DRD ~Boots lazy 2 buck black (Lucky board)


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