:: NerdMonkey::

Hey fashionistas !

New lil store i’ve discovered a few days ago : NerdMonkey

I particularly love the white sculpt top ❤  Go there and take a look 😉 Once again, this store doen’t have an inworld adress, so >> NerdMonkey Marketplace

Also run to the new GSP edition !! You’ll find some funny tongues and plugs from Acide ! :p  /!\ Be ready hunters ! The zombiepopcorn Hunt 5th edition will begin soon and Acide will be one of the participating stores 😀 /!\

Skin & Eyes : The plastik ~Deia (Platinium hunt)

Make up : The Plastik ~ Aleria makeups, geisha (Lazysundays item)

hair : Villena ~Luann

Shirt : NerdMonkey ~R!ch B!ch white top

Pant : NerdMonkey ~ Grey ripped pant

Tongue : Acide ~Fuck you

Belt : The secret store ~Scarf belt

Hair : Angel ~ Layla

Shirt : NerdMonkey ~ Red top corset (with or without corset)

Shoes : NerdMonkey ~Leopard Flat

Pant: Cheeky ~Black extreme lowrise with glasses

Tongue : Acide ~FU


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