Woouh ! Back to my original style ! (=faun)  Black or white ? Choose your camp ! 🙂

Both outfits come from TailleurPutain (what a strange name :p I’m French and in french is means hum… Doesn’t matter ^^ )  The owner of that store create a lot of different outfit just like these ones, particularly ideals for RP, if you like it !   But she owns also a second store called Wynter, just next to the other, for “normal” clothes ^^   I’ll certainly blog an outfit from Wynter a bit later.

But first, check these ones ! ❤ ❤


Black look:

Skin : Plastik ~ Lionheart Desert elvel

Make up : JEM ~ ET makeup

Outfit : TailleurPutain ~Noe bond brown

Gloves : Tokushi ~Le strap gloves dark brown

Hair : Dura ~Boys&girls 03

Horns : Wasabi pills ~Inferno horns ❤


White look

Skin & eyes : Plastik ~ Deia platinum godess (platinium hunt)

Hair : Yuna’s hair ~24

Outfit : Tailleurputain ~Muffin raspberry

Legs : Gauze ~Demon legs natural

Horns : Illusion ~Nivicola mystica horns


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