Zombiepopcorn Hunt 5 Preview

Good evening !

Sorry i’m late but here it is, The Zombiepopcorn hunt 5 preview !  As you know, i’m a Zombiepopcorn blogger for months, and i really considered that its  hunt is one of the best in the grid. The next one will begin  on October 15th and a lot of great store participate, releasing some special items on the theme of Halloween :p

Here is my first look to show you the gift you’ll be looking for 🙂

MOre informations about Zombiepopcorn Hunt [HERE]

Skin : Filthy ~ Zombiepopcorn Hunt Skin

Make up : Delusions ~Cursed vanity 03 (Zombie hunt item)

On head : JINX ~Bloody blind fold (Zombie hunt item)

Tattoo : Reckless ~Almost famous (Participating store of the hunt)

Shirt : Ci Co ~Fright night (Zombie hunt item)

Belt : LEO-NT ~bloody skull belt (Zombie hunt item)

Bunny : Ragdoll’s cut ~Rotten little bunny


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