As Stupid Thing has dissapeared, her owner is creating a new brand called Four. She had already released some new stuffs that i’ll show you in that post !

I also integrated Delicious blogger list this morning and i’m so happy to blog for them 🙂 Check DELICIOUS store Now ! (In reconstruction atm)

And again, again, again, some Zombiepopcorn hunt items available Tomorrow ! Here we have Insanya & Hebenon Vial !

Skin : Al vulo ~Easy merry widow (Group gift)

Hair : Magika ~Distracted

Face tattoo : Four ~Tattoo/face and body

Piercing : Hebenon vial ~Inque (ZP hunt item)

Dress and knife : Insanya ~Irina dress (ZP hunt item <3)

On leg & Necklace : Delicious ~Gartner & Bow necklace

Scarf : Four ~Halloween Stola (limited time item !)

Shoes : Backburns ~Western legwarmer short boots


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