It’s cold outside…

.. but Hollipocket and Severed Garden have the solution !

Hollipocket released this cuuute top with big warm collar, available in several black & white colors (with stripes, uniform or cruella version ^^), with this, you are ready to face the cold temperatures ^^

With this top, nothing better than new Severed Garden boots !! In black, white, pink and blue, with two versions for each color, they are just perfect to walk in the snow 🙂

Add a lil bit colors with the new Tattoo (and skin) from Damned !

See shopping list below for LMs 😀

Skin : Damned ~Silenced (sold with eyes)

Tattoo : Damned ~ Greendream2 (<3)

Hair: [e] ~Little (sales atm ! 75l$/pack)

Top : Hollipocket ~Cover up cowl

jean : Hollipocket ~Faded whisker jean white

belt : RU ~Carabiner belt

Shoes : Severed garden ~Fringe ankle boot (black)


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