Falling leaves…

Finally, I think that Fall is my favorite season 🙂  And I think it’s time for me to show you a style that i don’t have much the occasion to make..

Today, I found a new store, an other discovery, a lettle treasure for my blog ^^ This store is called Argyle Anonymous. it’s one of the rare store who don’t pretend to become the Master of the grid by earning biiiig amounts of money thanks to clothes that we see eeeeeverywhere.. The owner is lovely, passionate, and make original, creative, good quality and affordable clothes. Her store is supercute, her creations too, that’s why i’m so glad that she gave me the chance to be her blogger ❤ (Thank you)

<< TP TO Argyle Anonymous >>

I write a lot today XD But I have to say that i’ve made some good discoveries and I want to share them =) As you know I NEVER , or not very often, change my shape because i have big bugs with this type of products. But, i’ve found Shapes that fits me in a little new french store : Perfect Body. There is some incredible sales Atm, run try some demos !

And Finally (are you still reading meh ? ^^) i use for this LODT the new scarf of I ❤ fashion, which is just… perfect !      OK, finish ! Now, shopping list ! \o/

Shape : Perfect body ~Louane ❤

Skin : Lazolli ~Yokuba 3B

Hair : DP ~mods coat foods with hair, honey

Top : Surf couture ~ racerback striped tank

Coat : DP ~ mods coat

Leggings, legwarmers, shoes and bucket : Argyle anonymous ~Moody monday  items 😀

Scarf : i ❤ fashion ~Wool hot scarf (XYRoom November, 90l$)



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