SSssssnake ?

Today is a bad day. But I have a solution for that : blogging !

I discovered the lil store {k}rea store at the same time of Culto a few weeks ago and i really wanted to blog something from here. I love small cute lil store like it, with little treasures just as this forked tongue, very well made !  You can choose the color of each side (black, white or normal) and piercing colors as well ❤   The legging i wear is also from that store so you can have an idea of beautiful clothe the owner make 😉

To complete this outfit, i chose a big sweater from Argyle anonymous, warm and cute, perfect for cold temperatures, available in Dark red, black, royal, olive and orange 😀

Enjoy !

Skin : Damned ~SCN01

Hair : Mina hair ~Elfje

Tongue : {k}rea ~forked tongue with piercing

Scarf : Split pea ~it’s so cold (past season hunt)

Top : Argyle Anonymous ~Big baggy sweater ❤

Armband : Pididdle ~ivory claws bangles

Pant : {k}rea ~Legging autum set


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