– Neurolab Experience –

If you don’t know Neurolab, well, it’s time to discover this incredible brand.  Personally, I just die in front of the boots they release, they are just the most original i’ve never seen. prims are perfect, menus are very practical, easy to use, so you can make cyber punk futuristic look only thanks to this brand ! They create amazing boots but also hair, latex outfits, baggies, accessories…

I let you discover 2 look i’ve made around items from Neurolab =) Thanks to Emy Uxlay for the pics ! >Her Blog<

>> Taxi to Neurolab Mainstore <<

Skin&Eyes : Plastik ~Platinium godess (Platinium hunt item)

Hair : AVZ ~Tri bal

Mask : Neurolab ~Cyber mask X-2

Outfit : Neurolab ~Gynoid Catsuit latex Black

Boots : Neurolab ~Fatality Black boots ❤

Horns : Black heart ~Cyber devil horns II

Hair : Magika ~Ren

Tattoo : Damned ~Cyber puzzle doll

Glasses : Neurolab ~Glasses Ozone V.1.4

Outfit : Apricot paws ~Ribbon silks

Boots : Neurolab ~Activa boots White


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