I am Super Kawaii !

Thanks to 2 new releases from Epic and Lapointe & Bastchild ! 🐱

This new supa-cute dress by L&B comes in many colors, dark or pastel, the top can be worn with or without laces, and the prims are wonderful ! I’m a bit small so I always need to resize all my clothes, and here, the resize menus are welcome ^^ It’s very easy to resize it and that’s sooo practical  !

And then, you can see the items Epic released for the last Perfect Wardrobe session which theme is Winter 😀 There are wooly hooves and 2 cute hats (elephant and monkey version) ! I love them so much ! ❤

Skin : Mother Goose’s ~Choi LB

Tattoo : Silenced ~Hello kitty

Hair :[e]~Little

On mouth : Atooly ~Cupcake cutie mouthie pink

Hat : Epic ~Kawaii knit elephant Chapka (@Perfect wardrobe)

Dress : Lapointe & Bastchild~ S’wear Boheme Babydoll Dress (NEW)

Legs : Epic ~Knit digi warmers (@Perfect Wardrobe)


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