Lil’ Teddy Bear

Hi =)

Winter is here, it’s time to fond warm clothes !  Paradisis released this cute winter sweater and i’m totally in love with it 😀 I choose the chocolate color in order to create a cute Teddy bear look with the beautful scarf from Rotten defiance ❤  And to finalize the look, a Ni.ju make up (available at Perfect Wardrobe now) and…. a beeaauuutiful pair of shoes from Kalnins Footwear. You can see the pic at the bottom of the article, it shows how detailed the shoes are. The creator made an awesome work with these shoes ! You have a complete hud included, so you can make different combinations of colors depending on how you’re dressed  ! They are totally perfect !

Shopping list !

Skin : Filthy ~Jasmine

Hair : Bullwinkle ~Delilah

Make up: [ni.ju] ~winter bear (@Perfect Wardrobe)

Scarf : Rotten Defiance ~Hoodie scarf, silver wolf

On mouth : Atypical ~Funtom lollipop

Top : Paradisis ~Sweet winter (NEW)

Pant : Unfashionable~Grey jeans collection

Belt : Tea time 

Shoes : Kalnins Footwear ~Scarlett (<3 you’ll never regret it! )


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