Kapone & Tsaorie

Hi there !

Today, I wanna introduce you 2 stores I like :  T.S.A.O.R.I.E & Kapone ! For men and Women, clothes, glasses, shoes ! Kapone released a beautiful jean a few days ago, and there are some cute coats very well made at Tsaorie !  And for christmas hollidays, you can find an exclusive Christmas outfit for women by Opopop Design in their store !!

Skin : Filthy ~December groupgift

Hair: Magika ~TwentyFour

Glasses: Kapone ~Sunglasses VL Blackgold

Top : Tsaorie ~ bisous vert

Coat : Tsaorie ~manteau camouflage vert

Pant: Kapone ~Girl miami blackstar (NEW)

Shoes : Kapone ~ADS sneakers yellow black


Hair : Barberyumyum ~18

Top: Tsaorie ~bisous blanc

Coat : Tsaorie ~Manteau cuir

Pant : Kapone ~Girl miami beach (NEW)


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