Silver or Gold ?

What will you choose for December 31st 

Two events are represented in this post:

  • Private room Event, invented by the two owners of Suicidal Kiss & Bad Romance. Here you can find all that you need : skins, poses, clothes, accessories,….
  • FTLO Black Market, tons of exclusive items priced 100l$ and others below!

Skin: Al Vulo ~Polly @Private Room

Hair:  Anaphora ~Bajka

Eyes: Sauce ~Spacey eyes (@ Black market)

Make up: La malvada mujer ~ argento liquido

Necklace : CERES ~Tibus

Dress: Alexohol ~ New year’s Eve coktail dress @Black market

Leggings : Peqe ~Lacy leggings

Shoes : KKBB ~Wrapped heels

Bunny : Anymore ~Dark bunny  @ Black market


Hair : Shag ~Naked as we came

Jacket: AV ~Feather on shoulder

Jewels : Finesmith ~Paulinha

Dress: Suicidal Kiss ~Short desire dress @ Private room

Leggings: Leaks ~I was at my farm




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