Millénium Hunt

This is the Current FTLO Event ! In addition to the Black Market, the Millenium Hunt is running now !  The particularity of that Hunt is that you won’t looking for a hunt object, but an item priced 1l$ in the store. Buy this item, it will give you the item you bought, an extra item, an the next LM !

>> Millenium Hunt Starting Point <<

And some news !! From Cheeky (A sexy long top and groupgift gloves), an awesome belt by Lapointe & Bastchild ! Check the Shopping list 😀

  • Skin : Filthy ~Cream
  • Make up: [mock] ~Pearlesque Peachy pink mizu (Millenium hunt item)
  • Hair : [69] ~Jessica
  • Earring : Glow ~ wild feather haidband
  • Long top: Cheeky ~Stupid long shirt (NEW)
  • Top: SU ~Long sweater cream
  • Gloves : Cheeky ~Fishnet gloves short (Groupgift)
  • Belt : Lapointe & Bastchild ~S’wear Biker Belt (NEW)
  • Necklace : Anymore ~Happy 2012 (Millenium hunt item)
  • Pant: Piccara ~Classic jeans (Millenium hunt item)
  • Shoes: Pink Label ~Part of The full outfit they offer for Millenium hunt item ^^
  • Bag : C’est la vie ~Knit shoulder bag (millenium hunt item)

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