Epic Fairies

A week ago i posted an article with the new Epic Wings that they offered for Grenade Free Wednesday, in a beautiful green color. Now, all the other colours are available at the mainstore, both for Fairy Sparkle Sprout wings and for Fairy Sparkle wings 😀  Once on you, you can click to animate them  !

Epic also released some irresistible Dark Elfin Skins. The tones are stunning and perfectly match with the wings !  Wanna become a cute lil Epic Fairy now ? ^^  Don’t forget the new cute heart necklace from I ❤ fashion!

>> Tp To Epic Mainstore <<

  • Skin: Epic ~Dark elfin (Darkest mist & darkest moon tones) (NEW)
  • Hair : Exile ~Crystal
  • Wings : Epic ~ Fairy sparkle Sprout (mist) & Fairy sparkle wings (ice) (NEW)
  • Clothes : The Plastik ~Valerian
  • Necklace: I ❤ Fashion ~Diseased heart (NEW)
  • Feet from Slink

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