This post is here to show you the creations of a very talented french designer. I didn’t really made post especially about jewelery, but today, i spend hours to make THE shot which gonna show you the better these beautiful collection called Afromoon (Armband, earrings and necklace in 5 versions) + The unique snake nails. Jamman, the creator of the brand, is passionate and put his entire heart in what he create on Second Life. All is well detailed and (when it’s needed) the Huds are simple and very helpfull. I enjoy listenning to him talking ’bout his lil treasures =)

>> TP to Jamman Jewels and accessories <<

In order to enhance the presentation of  Jamman  Jewelry, I choose a skin from Swallow. Just…. WOW. Beautiful skins with amazing make up sold with them.. Run buy them, you’ll appreciate it, I promise 😀

And finally, a new tattoo by Vestigium, for the Zombiepopcorn coming soon! (not available now, it begins February 1st!)


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