My name is Barbie

I always wanted to make a look with this hair 😀 I  made a Barbie look around them to show you some news from several events. First, this dark beautful skin made by Cheeky, will be available @Private room event with many other excluvie items.

The current round of Perfect Wardrobe is under the theme of LOve/Hate, and i chose to show you here the item from Delusions, a tattoo with lipstick kisses, so cute ❤ Then we have the lingerie collection made by Kim exclusively for the Womenstuff Hunt, and amaaaaazing new heels by Gok (with skull under, wow!)

One week before Valentine’z Day ! Don’t forget to look at Jamman jewels collections, he created a lot of heart shapened necklace, piercing,… And among them there is this black heart and rose edition, avalaible as necklace or belly piercing, discreet and very classy.


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