Festival of Sin – L’Avarice

As you know the Festival of Sin is running now, and will last till March 3rd. It’s a huuuge event with plenty of talented designers who created exclusive items of the theme of…. Sins, of course. In this post I choose to show you my vision of one of them : L’avarice in french, greedy in english ? I don’t know xD So I wear the exclusive item representing this sin made by Sakide, a cute mini dress made of Dollars, and the awesome Pose prop from LAP.      << All the information about the festival HERE >>

It’s not finish ! Today, i discovered a new Skin store i didn’t know before : It Girls. I have to say that it’s an amazing discovery because the skins are simply Beautiful !! Original, realistic, and with plenty of goodies inside the box such as teeth attachement, Hair bases, lipsticks, eyeshadows…  I even don’t need to edit my picture too much, even for the contrast because the skin is already perfect ! I really enjoyed making this post wearing it 😀     <<Tp to IT GIRLS store >>


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