Fashioncentric Hunt – Preview 2

I’ve already told you about this “coming soon” Hunt a few posts ago. In case you missed the information, this hunt will begin on April 1st, and you can find all the information you need on their Website  :

In this triple post i chosed some of the best items you can grab during this hunt ! There are made by the following designers : Vextra fashion, HTxDZ, Apparence, Punky Chicks,Phoebe, ES, VF and

Look 1:

  • Skin: Apparence ~Fairy (@Fashioncentric Hunt)
  • Hair: Vive9 ~Strong winds Pony
  • Lipstick: Shakeup ~Juicy lipstick (New)
  • Dress: Vextra fashion ~Maragarita2 Halter dress (@Fashioncentric Hunt)
  • Earrings: Phoebe ~Alexia earrings (@Fashioncentric Hunt)
  • Shoes: HTxDZ ~Year of the dragon (@Fashioncentric Hunt)

Look 2:

  • Dress: ~Sasha dress (Mesh @ Fashioncentric Hunt)
  • Shoes: Viviane Fashion ~Sneakers sunshine (@Fashioncentric Hunt)

Look 3:

  • Dress (with belt): Punky chicks ~Cocktail  dress spring flower (@Fashioncentric Hunt)
  • Shoes: Essential style ~Part of the Paula outfit (@Fashioncentric hunt)

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