The Mad Hatter’s Daughter

A look around the theme of the Mad Hatter inspired by new hats made by Hobo Boho =) They are really practical and very detailed ! They come with coats i’ll blog soon (stay tuned!)

I mixandmatched some news i love, just as this soft skin made by Isy Winslet, a new body from GoK, and new jewelery by Le Coute 🙂

  • Skin: too rino ~chichi – luciennes sugar sparrow
  • Tattoo: Blackfeet ~Freedom
  • Hair: Boon ~UII117
  • Body: GoK ~Straight to animalistic (New)
  • Hat:Boho Hobo ~ Black embossed velvet top hat (New)
  • Jewelery: Le Coute ~Daylight silver (New)
  • Short: BB ~Baily utility mesh short
  • Tights: Sheer ~Zebra
  • Shoes: Imbue ~Black ankle booties


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