A lil Bit of Italian Fashion

Before i begin this post, just wanna thank you again, all. Never thought I could have so many followers on my blog (for you it’s just 27, but for me 27 it’s like 1 million !!). Your likes, your comments, your silent favs on Flickr give me the strengh to continue and give my best !! So thank you all ❤

Ok, now it’s time for Fashion. Italian Fashion. As you know i love the brand Les petits details. For me, Nevery, the owner, is one of the sweetest person in SL. She really support their bloggers, and she’s so kind with us, always writing a “thank you” or a cute heart somewhere. I wish all the SL designers can be like you 😉   This post is a thank you for her, and for another talented designer Aliza Karu 😀 I love her creations and love combining their two styles (LPD + AD creations)

Moreover, you have to know that this fantastic white dress is the fruit of a collaboration between Les petits détails and Hate me and eat me (H.M.A.E.M), a store that i didn’t know before, but seems to be on the same line than Lpd and AD creation. The occasion for me to say welcome to this store in my sponsors too 😀  Stop talking, lets check the pics !!


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