Les bons Plans de Loute

Hi fashion addicts =)

I decided to put some new in my blog today 🙂  Each month, i’ll do one or two articles dedicated to the best Sales & Hunts on the Grid !  I’ll give you the dates, the locations, the websites, all the information you need to find treasures at discounted prices, because all fashionistas love make shopping but not spent big amounts of lindens just for 3/4 clothes !

This one will be written here, because it’s the first one and April is quite finished, but then maybe i’ll create a special category when you’ll find all my “Bons Plans (Good deals)” articles !

(Edit : Good deal of the month category is created !! look at the top of the blog 🙂 )

Designers, if you want me to mention your promotion, event, sale here, just drop me a Notecard 🙂


  1. Till April 30th > Fashioncentric Hunt : Starting pointWebsite – an original hunt ! Some really good gifts to grab
  2. Till 29th > Flawless Spring Sale : Location – Several designers offers items discounted (50ls)
  3. Till 30th > Mud Honey spring sale : Location – Furniture and Decoration store, -50%
  4. Till 30th > Closing Sales At Ibizarre : Location – -50%
  5. Till 30th> Pre Summer Sales at Sn@tch : Location –  From -50% to -75% and Freebies – Fashion clothes store
  6. Till 30th > CoLLision : Location – All goth related items -50%

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