Breaking the Habit

Hey girls 🙂 Sorry i’m a bit slow this week, but i’m still in holidays so i enjoy my RL a bit more fore a few days ^^

First News : The new ring Add on from Jamman Jewels !! You know that Jamman jewels made awesome Fingernails Huds !? Now, you have the possibility to buy add ons to complete them 😀  Here, it’s a set of rings that you can combine with your favourite nail colours for only 199ls !!  Be careful girls, stay tuned, Jamman Jewels will be there for the Pink Ribbon Fair, starting on August 4th, with exclusive creations !!

Other news i really enjoyed in this post : The skull mesh shirt by yulicie (love the colours!), the cross set of TartCake & Yumad, the new high waist skinny pant from Belote and the bright blue shoes made by Rey Secreto !   Check the shopping list !


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