The Raptor

When i received this amazing Mystic Canvass skin, i wanted to create an unusual look around it, because the skin itself is unusual and very original. I really love the color and the awesome eye make-up ! You want it ? Well, you’ll find it at the event Horror haute 🙂

Then, let me introduce you my new sponsor : Hysteria ! This store make dark and creepy things i really enjoy 😀 I was touched when the creator said to me : ” you know, people are often affraid by my creations“. I don’t understand why.. Used in an intelligent way, blood and scars become beautiful, don’t you think ? In this post i used a make up she made for Fashion Voodoo, a kind of lovely dark tears you MUST have in you inventory 🙂 (maybe i’ll make another post where you can see it better ^^)

And if you want to know more about this brand : Check Hysteria Blog

Let’s go for the shopping list !


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