Couleur Sable

I recently received two news that i wanted to show you quickly 🙂 So i’ve made a post around the sand color that i really love in the end of summer.

The firts one is a new Les Petits Détails Outfits,including the top and the long skirt. That’s what i like the most in this store :  complete, original and beautiful outfit. This one makes me think of a boho girl walking with no shoes and who never think about any problems.. you guess, i like it very very much ❤

The other one is a lovely tunic from Kamouraska. The creator made a Chevron texture which is a very good choice ! This clothe is available in several lovely colors and i really encourage you to visit the Shop 🙂

I added some Summer harvest Hunt items, such as the cute Jamman Jewels Copper necklace and the Tea Time bag ! Both are FREE, and the hunt begins on September 1st ! The stone bench is also a hunt gift from Trompe l’oeil with poses inside ^^

Look 1:

  • Skin: Lpd ~ Audrey
  • Hair: Vive9 ~Duchess braidin
  • Earrings : Erratic ~Hoop earrings
  • Outfit: Lpd ~Sunday Outfit (New)
  • Feathers & Tattoo:  The Plank ~ Native indian american Crow feather
  • Nails: Jamman jewels ~Deluxe fingernails Hud Gold (new)
  • Shoes: Lpd ~Le parisien Shoes
  • Bench : Trompe l’oeil ~Stone slab bench / Free (@SHH)
  • Pose: Focus ~Model 99

Look 2:


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