The Dressing Institute

Today, i wore my cute lil dress from Censored, to go to a lovely new place : The Dressing Institute

This institude has been creted by a french SL model : Laduh Kamagawa. Laduh is a beautiful and very king woman working in the SL fashion world for years now. She participated to many competitions and have a strong experience in modelling.

Today, Laduh want to bring her experience to other people and she imagined this place to meet and help people who need it. She offers several services : personal Shopper, coaching,  help of styling, reshaping, or even a total makeover !! And she is helped by famous and talented sponsors 🙂 (for exemple : Azoury, Opopop design, White widow,

If you are a client of the dressing institute, you can find there cloting and accessories provided by sponsors and beneficiate of  discounts on the sponsors’ crations exposed here. (From 30 to 60% off / normal price)

Don’t hesitate one second and visit her Website !  and Here isi the Taxi for the Dressing Institute ! 


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