Tout est dans le détail

I know, i took a long time before i blogged again something by Les Petits Details (btw, i’m sorry Nevery!). Indeed, I always feel like i’m not good enough to blog those very pretty outfits. More and more, i see Les Petits details store mooving into a very classy style that isn’t like mine.

BUT, what i like the most, is to use wonderful LPD pieces and mix them with other clothes i love. That’s what i did for this look, and i really enjoy the result 🙂 Nevery made a very original mesh outfit, as always !

Vanessa outfit is composed of : a jacket, 2 tops (short/long), and 2 skirt versions. 3 colors available : Yellow, Tweed, Floral (the one i wear)

Don’t hesitate to visit Nevery’s Website ! I never did it before and i was surprised, she paid many attention to the quality and the design 🙂






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