– Kamouraska –

The talented blogger Lisanna lauria has created a brand new store ! She already had a Pose store before called Lilau which is closed now. The poses are still there but under new names and new design for the vendors. The Store is called Kamouraska, and you’ll find there lovely poses and very elegant mesh clothes !

Here are three looks with Kamouraska mesh clothes 🙂 Hope you like !

You want to know more about Kamouraska and her owner ?

And to conclude, Lisanna is now the director of Flair for Event which organizes the upcoming event The Swag Fest ! Stay tuned 😉

On all :

Look 1 : 

  • Top: Kamouraska ~Amqui blouse Skulls’n’Flowers
  • Shoes: JustB ~ platform stilettos (love these shoes !! )
  • Pose: kamouraska ~ Expression de soi 5

Look 2:

  • Top: Kamouraska ~Cacouna Tank top Art deco (opened on the back !)
  • Shoes: Censored ~ Sami pumps (@ Censored hunt, only 20ls)
  • Pose: kamouraska ~ Le rose aux joues 1

Look 3:


The Raptor

When i received this amazing Mystic Canvass skin, i wanted to create an unusual look around it, because the skin itself is unusual and very original. I really love the color and the awesome eye make-up ! You want it ? Well, you’ll find it at the event Horror haute 🙂

Then, let me introduce you my new sponsor : Hysteria ! This store make dark and creepy things i really enjoy 😀 I was touched when the creator said to me : ” you know, people are often affraid by my creations“. I don’t understand why.. Used in an intelligent way, blood and scars become beautiful, don’t you think ? In this post i used a make up she made for Fashion Voodoo, a kind of lovely dark tears you MUST have in you inventory 🙂 (maybe i’ll make another post where you can see it better ^^)

And if you want to know more about this brand : Check Hysteria Blog

Let’s go for the shopping list !