Blogger Challenge

I saw a blogger challenge on Flickr a few days ago and it was quite interesting : The goal is to pick a store I didn’t know before and blog for them 🙂

So i choosed MichaMi  !! And i’ve made 2 looks with the items i prefer in their store 🙂    I combined to these look the new pieces of Jamman jewels collection : New age Afromoon !

Look 1:

Look 2:

The Kawaii fair – Yulicie

Hey lil cupcakes 😀 The Kawaii Fair 2012 is still running !! A today I wanna show you the awesome items Yulicie have made for us all !  Pastel colors, clothes, accessories, hair, cuteness, all is perfect !!

I’ve made a lil selection of my favourite Yulicie Kawaii items, hope you like !

>> Tp to Kawaii fair 2012 ! <<

Look 1:

Look 2: 

Sex And The City

I’m sooo happy to show you this post i’ve made with my SL mommy , Maddigan. We choose the theme of Sex and the city to make our first collaboration and i think it won’t be the last !

She is also a fashion blogger, and she is talented ! If you want, have a look at her blog she makes with her husband DjWax :

On Loute

  • Skin: It girl ~Daph
  • Make up: Shakeup ~Loute Makeup
  • Hair: Lamb ~Sweet pea
  • Glasses: Izzie’s ~70s sunglasses
  • Nails: Jamman jewels ~Deluxe fingernails – Tattoo & Nails art edition
  • Top: Nyu ~ Vintage blouse
  • Skirt: PiChi ~Giny skirt (@Kawaii Fair)
  • Shoes: PiChi ~Ava Wedges (@ Kawaii Fair)

On Maddigan

  • Hair: Miss C ~bahar euphoria (Spring Sale)
  • Glasses: DDL ~ Just because… sunglasses
  • Necklace: DDL ~Hypnotize
  • Dress: Redemption ~BS Dress black (New)
  • Bangles: BenS beauty ~My way bangles (New)
  • Ring: BenS beauty ~Sultan ring
  • Belt: h.m.a.e.m~Chewingum belt (New)
  • Belt: Houseoffox ~Onyx clutch Mesh (@TDR blue)
  • Shoes: PM ~Baby t’s plain

Kawaii Sisterz (Kawaii Fair 2012)

Hey little bees ^^ Kawaii Fair Again ! Oh, yes, if you don’t like Kawaii style, i’m sorry but i think you won’t like my blog for the entire month which is coming 😄 There are SO MUCH beautiful items at the fair so I want to show them all !!! (Quite impossible i know, but i do my best ^^)

>> Tp to the Kawaii Fair << 

Poses are from ABS – Adorable Gurl (@ Kawaii Fair)

Look 1:

Look 2:

The Kawaii Fair

Hey lil cupcakes ! The Kawai Fair is now OPEN \o/ You can grab thousands of lovely items in lot of cute lil shops at this LM : The Kawai Fair.  Here is another post to show you what you can find there (and there will be many more post to come, stay tuned! )

Do you know Moushous ? These cute little balls of fur ? Nothing can be more Kawaii than a Moushou !! Just choose your favorite one, grab it on the floor, it will open its eggs 😀 Then you can put it on your shoulder and do some little actions such as : Give it a nickname, make it speak on the local tchat, send particles to a french, make it play lil sounds…  Soooo, which one is your favourite ??  >> Grab Yours HERE <<