This post is made while i’m listenning this stunning accoustic version of Africa, originally performed by Toto.

I was was inspired by the new large mesh pants from Azoury, combined with new tanks by TartCake & Yumad. Of course, a lot of other colours and textures are also available for both items 😀  In this post I used the new Modish skin, that you’ll be able to find at Private Room event. I really love how they make the choco tones ❤

Have a nice day all !


Un été Blanc & Bleu

Here are some news and some creations you’ll find at the new Stuff in stock round, which theme is : Lines !

Siria’s Room

A few days ago i was asked to blog for an event i didn’t know before. This event is a biweekly one, where you can find exclusive items at very good prices !! This is what you have to know about it :

Siria’s fashion room is an idea for be fashion with very low prices..
In our room you can find beautiful creations with a max price 100 linden in promo..
You can find Dress, shoes, jewels, skin, shape, poses, tatoo and more !

Every 15 days will be a new round of collections and some new brands..

So here are two “Siria’s room” looks to show you what you can grab there Now and in other Event running at the same time !

Zombie girls love Events

3 Dark looks made from news and thanks to discounted items in some famous events such as Perfect Wardrobe 😀  I let you check the Shopping list 😉

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Sakide Combo

Here are all the latest release from Sakide. Lot of them are gift in some current events, so i encourage you to check the shopping list =)

With that, I wanna show you the new Les petits détails Skin. You know how I love this brand and this release is again a very beautiful one! I’m not very familiar with this black skins but I think this one is very well made and i’m sure i’ll wear it for many future post and in my daily looks 😀 Thank you Nevery ❤

Army of my heart

Hey =)

Here is a Camo look to show you some news =)

Delicious released a strange necklace XD I finally found a look to match it with my cothes but i have to admit that i won’t wear it everyday ^^ But yes, it is well made, the flexi chain is beautiful and no doubt that this item is Very original 😀

You can find the clothes I wear at Cheeky, except for the shirt, that is an exclusive item for Private room event ! And the skin is the brand new release of Swallow, with make ups available and awesome tattoo layer with freckles ❤

And of course, the latest GoK heels, perfect as Always. (If you need any kind of sexy shoes, run at GoK ! )

My name is Barbie

I always wanted to make a look with this hair 😀 I  made a Barbie look around them to show you some news from several events. First, this dark beautful skin made by Cheeky, will be available @Private room event with many other excluvie items.

The current round of Perfect Wardrobe is under the theme of LOve/Hate, and i chose to show you here the item from Delusions, a tattoo with lipstick kisses, so cute ❤ Then we have the lingerie collection made by Kim exclusively for the Womenstuff Hunt, and amaaaaazing new heels by Gok (with skull under, wow!)

One week before Valentine’z Day ! Don’t forget to look at Jamman jewels collections, he created a lot of heart shapened necklace, piercing,… And among them there is this black heart and rose edition, avalaible as necklace or belly piercing, discreet and very classy.