These boots are made for walking…

… and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

These awesome boots are made by Cheerno and are available at a reduced price @ The dressing room.

For the rest, lot of news, check the shopping list😉

Absolument Burlesque !

The new round of Stuff in stock is here😉 the theme is Party Whore, and i choose several items to make a sexy burlesque look, in addition with an awesome Reila Skin❤

Stuff in stock : Military 2/2



Today, a simple casual look:)

I felt in love with the new mesh shirt from LE:MON❤  15 textures available ! Very beautiful to wear with a simple blue jeans.

About the jeans, it’s an exclusive Stuff in stock item by Even.flow. You can’t see it on the pic (sorry) but there is a unicorn with a rainbow draw on the back pockets ^^