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Laissez Lucie Faire…

(don’t pay attention to the title, it’s just a french joke with my name inside because i wasn’t really inspired)

Welcome to Dadabeiz in my sponsor list! I fell in love with their product and I hope you will like them too ! Today, i show you their latest release : Laq pumps. They comes with 2 huds, one for the color and size changes and another one for the sounds 🙂 You can choose between 4 tones of a same color for the shoe, but you can aslo recolor the sole, the heel and the strap (you can also choose if you hide the strap or not !)

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I composed this look around the pink version of Dadabeiz’s laq pump with news and exclusive events items. Hit like if… you like 😀

I’ve Loved and i’ve lost

Outfit of the day !! I’ve made this outfit around the new release of Opopop Design, a cute mesh jean overall 🙂 and accessorized it with Arcade items and other stuff.

Just a lil info or my readers : I’m back to school for my last year and this one will be very difficult. So don’t worry if I blog a bit less. Even if i’m less here, i will keep my blog updated 3 or 4 times a week, and quit some bloggers groups to keep only my favourite sponsors. Hope you understand 🙂

Busty Rebels

Because we don’t need to look like barbie girls and wear pink and stuff, to visit the Boobies Show event. Okay ?

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Look 1:

Look 2:

Welcome to the Boobies Show !

The Boobies show

Is an event organized by Maelynda, the owner of Mes Sucreries. This event gathers all the designers making clothes for busty girls, compatible with Lola’s and other prim boobies. It begins Tomorrow, September 16th ! Sexy girls, be ready to show exclusive items at low prices !

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Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3: