Dimanche au Skatepark

Today i have a lot to say xD Be sure you have your eyes wide open because you will read exclusive news and you will have to remember what i’ve said in a few days….

Because… A BIG new is coming @ Jamman jewels store. Jamman, the creator is working for monthes on this release and this will definitly change your fashionista life, in a very good way. You know, Jamman never release creations if they are not totally perfect. This one was on his mind and he worked very hard for it. And as his manager, i’m very impressed by his patience and his will to give you the Best.

This incredible release is : The Ultimate Deluxe fingernails Hud. The What ??? Ultimate ? Yes, Ultimate. THE nails hud every SL girls should have in her inventory, becausewith this one, you don’t need anything else ! You can delete all the old ones ^^ The Ultimate Hud contains 8 Collections of nails : Standard, Glam, Tattoo, Dots, fantasy, fantasy 2, Silver and Gold. Each collection contains 100 textures. Ok, i guess you understand now ! It means you’ll have 800  differents nails textures in one Hud ! AND, it’s not the only thing you’ll have in it : It fits every hand size, 4 nails size (from short to extra long), 3 sets of rings you can mix and match, gemstones and the possibility to recolor your nails one by one ! \o/

Ok that’s a bit long but it worth it 🙂 I’ll post here the vendor poster as soon as it will be in store 😀 And now i let you discover the other news i wear in this post thought the shopping i wrote (with love!)



Hey guys, great news today ! I was accepted as a blogger in a french blogger team called French Fucking Fashion ! In this blog, you’ll find exclusive posts and looks i won’t post here ! It gave me the opportunity to have another audience, write in french ( i miss it a lot!), but with english translation always (don’t worry), and also to make posts in collaboration with other bloggers ! i’m so excited by this new experience and i hope you’ll follow me 😀  I’ll post on French Fuckin Fashion almost once a week, and I strongly invite you to see the amazing posts made by my french friends 😀

>> French Fucking Fashion <<

In this post, some news from Azoury ! A mesh romper very original which comes with tights i don’t wear here ^^ Also, some lovely Duh!’s Shoes available @ Zombiepopcorn Brand !

Easy like a sunday morning…

Wave 3 of ZombiepopCorn brand is beginning ! I choosed to show you the exclusive item of Elly, those cute underweares in pastel tones i used as a swimsuit 🙂

>> Visit Zombiepopcorn Blog <<

Be careful ! September 1st will begin the very last round of Zombiepopcorn Brand and after it will be finished 😦 But this final round will be fantastic cause lot of sponsors will participate !!! I’ll keep you updated ^^

Also in this post: New Le:mon mesh cardigan <3, Retro shoes for Stuff in stock, Jewelry from hmaem for the Couturier’s Docks !

Pink Ribbon Fair starts now !

The Pink Ribbon Fair will start August 4th and run until August 25th, 2012 (4 weeks). This Fair is a fashion charity event for breast cancer.

You will find 150 amazing designers at this event. You can check the official designers list at:

Designers have created 1 exclusive pink item for the cause. All the earned profit from those exclusive items will go directly to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer. Yeah! 100% to charity!

>> TAXI To Pink Ribbon Fair <<

Look 1 : 

Look 2:

My Matrix version

Because i love mixing things, i wanted to make a post with the awesome Bent pose prop on the theme of Matrix, that you can find at Fluid new round, but without making a “matrix” outfit. This prop is composed of 10 amazing poses, don’t hesitate one second more and jump on the….

>> .. taxi to Fluid ! <<

In this post i used the original face jewel of AD creations, made exclusively for this Zombiepopcorn Brand Edition !!  Beautiful isn’t it ?? The dress will be available at Vintage Fair in several cute colours 😉

Check the shopping list for the LM of stores and events 😀

Oiseau de Nuit

Today, I wanted to create something unusual 🙂 Yesterday i was shopping and felt in love in front of this gold mask from ContraptioN  and i thought I HAD to make something with it !  So I picked a lovely new dress from Sakide that is available at the Zombiepopcorn Brand event , and added some strange accessories such as messy hairs and reptile tattoo. I also found this cute gun  from Dirtyland 🙂 The kind of tiny accessory which can have a big impact on a simple look ^^

I let you discover the shopping list 😀