Lost Souls

Second post of the day, gathering some news i love, around a mesh horse with poses made by Focus ! I really enjoy this king of awesome props to enhance fashion items in my posts !

>> Tp to Focus Pose Store <<


Arrêtes Ton Cirque !

The Amazing Zombiepopcorn Carnival begins tomorrow June 15th !  This event gathers 50 of the most famous SL designers in a beautiful sim decorated around the theme of the circus.

This is the event you Don’t want to miss ! Moreover, you can find all the blogpost made by Zombiepopcorn Bloggers (i am a member of the team!) on this Website : Zombiepopcorn SL

>> TP to Zombiepopcorn Carnival <<

And to complete the post, here is the new mesh top made by Opopop Design ! You’ll find a the bottom of the post all the colors available !