Excuse my French Hunt !

Here is the first event i organized with a friend of mine : The Excuse my French Hunt !

This hunt was made in collaboration with 25 stores which offer 25 free gifts for male and female ! The goal is to promote french speaking designers and their talents throught the grid.

Don’t hesitate to look at the website to find all the information you need ! It began une 15th and will last till July 13th.








Absolument Burlesque !

The new round of Stuff in stock is here 😉 the theme is Party Whore, and i choose several items to make a sexy burlesque look, in addition with an awesome Reila Skin ❤

Pumpkin Face

Hey girls (and boys ?) Here is my halloween look ! (well, one of my 100 dark looks lol). I stayed quite classic using mainly black and orange, and help by the new Focus Pumpkin pose prop 🙂

I used creations from different events, and among them, the amazing Lethal couture boots and the alterego mesh mask you can both find at the Swag Fair !

Naughty Cat

FIRST, i wanna say i’m soooo sorry.. I have some big trouble with secondlife these past few days and connot do my job correctly… I’m lagging tooo much and it’s very difficult for me to prepare my looks and take pictures (well, i need 20min to rezz and 30 min to take 1 picture -_-“). i’m using the official third viewer and didn’t find the issue yet so, sorry designers if i can’t blog for you right now… Blogging is my passion and i do my best to continue… *sadface*

Ok so, halloween will come soon and i will make some dark looks 🙂 I felt in love with that Mesh cat mask by Mina ❤

The Swag Fest *02*

Well, first i wanna thank you ! I currently reach 100/150 visits per day, which seems small but it is huge for me ! 46 followers now ! Welcome to the new ones 😀 Hope you all like my work, and don’t forget that comment section is open for any suggestions / question ! I will be happy to talk with you 🙂

Here is my second look for The SWAG fest (October 1st – October 31st)

As I am the Jamman Jewels Manager, i suggest you to see the blog post i did on the official blog to discover the 14 exclusive items made for the event ! : http://jammanjewels.blogspot.fr/2012/09/jamman-jewels-is-swag-fest.html

Welcome to the Boobies Show !

The Boobies show

Is an event organized by Maelynda, the owner of Mes Sucreries. This event gathers all the designers making clothes for busty girls, compatible with Lola’s and other prim boobies. It begins Tomorrow, September 16th ! Sexy girls, be ready to show exclusive items at low prices !

>> Taxi to the Boobies Show <<

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3: