Fall is about to come…

…and the new fall collections are arriving too ! All your favourite mainstores are progressively changing clothes on the vendors and it’s really interesting to see how each brand see the fashion next season. In this post i wanted to show you some pieces of the upcoming Dirty little secret fall collection ! And if you are looking for good store to make your new fall wardrobe, try Dollle, a cute lil store with beautiful mesh clothes 😀 (see shopping list)

I also wanted to remind you that the Summer Harvest Hunt is still running and there are awesome freebies waiting for you till September 21st !

For the rest of the outfit and discounted items, i let you discover the shopping list below 🙂


Dimanche au Skatepark

Today i have a lot to say xD Be sure you have your eyes wide open because you will read exclusive news and you will have to remember what i’ve said in a few days….

Because… A BIG new is coming @ Jamman jewels store. Jamman, the creator is working for monthes on this release and this will definitly change your fashionista life, in a very good way. You know, Jamman never release creations if they are not totally perfect. This one was on his mind and he worked very hard for it. And as his manager, i’m very impressed by his patience and his will to give you the Best.

This incredible release is : The Ultimate Deluxe fingernails Hud. The What ??? Ultimate ? Yes, Ultimate. THE nails hud every SL girls should have in her inventory, becausewith this one, you don’t need anything else ! You can delete all the old ones ^^ The Ultimate Hud contains 8 Collections of nails : Standard, Glam, Tattoo, Dots, fantasy, fantasy 2, Silver and Gold. Each collection contains 100 textures. Ok, i guess you understand now ! It means you’ll have 800  differents nails textures in one Hud ! AND, it’s not the only thing you’ll have in it : It fits every hand size, 4 nails size (from short to extra long), 3 sets of rings you can mix and match, gemstones and the possibility to recolor your nails one by one ! \o/

Ok that’s a bit long but it worth it 🙂 I’ll post here the vendor poster as soon as it will be in store 😀 And now i let you discover the other news i wear in this post thought the shopping i wrote (with love!)

Forces Spéciales

Hi there 🙂 here is a double post made around some news i liked this week 🙂

I invite you to read the shopping list to discover the landmarks and the freebies !

Look 1 (left)

Look 2 (right)



Couleur Sable

I recently received two news that i wanted to show you quickly 🙂 So i’ve made a post around the sand color that i really love in the end of summer.

The firts one is a new Les Petits Détails Outfits,including the top and the long skirt. That’s what i like the most in this store :  complete, original and beautiful outfit. This one makes me think of a boho girl walking with no shoes and who never think about any problems.. you guess, i like it very very much ❤

The other one is a lovely tunic from Kamouraska. The creator made a Chevron texture which is a very good choice ! This clothe is available in several lovely colors and i really encourage you to visit the Shop 🙂

I added some Summer harvest Hunt items, such as the cute Jamman Jewels Copper necklace and the Tea Time bag ! Both are FREE, and the hunt begins on September 1st ! The stone bench is also a hunt gift from Trompe l’oeil with poses inside ^^

Look 1:

  • Skin: Lpd ~ Audrey
  • Hair: Vive9 ~Duchess braidin
  • Earrings : Erratic ~Hoop earrings
  • Outfit: Lpd ~Sunday Outfit (New)
  • Feathers & Tattoo:  The Plank ~ Native indian american Crow feather
  • Nails: Jamman jewels ~Deluxe fingernails Hud Gold (new)
  • Shoes: Lpd ~Le parisien Shoes
  • Bench : Trompe l’oeil ~Stone slab bench / Free (@SHH)
  • Pose: Focus ~Model 99

Look 2:

Summer Harvest Hunt / Sept 1 – 21st

Hi there !

Here is a new event coming very soon !  The Summer Harvest Hunt, organized by The Ego Co, will begin on September 1st ! The theme of this hunt is warm colors, rustic, late summer/early autumn, and all the gift will be free ! 😀

For more Information, check the Ego Co Blog !

  • Skin: Modish ~ KastAspell
  • Hair: [e] ~Garden
  • Tattoo: Flaunt ~ Fall harvest sleeves tattoo / Free (@ Summer harvest Hunt)
  • Top: Egoxentikax ~Mesh top delicious / Free (@ SHH)
  • Earrings: Needful things ~Goodbye summer / Free (@ SHH)
  • Necklace & Ring: Sweet Leonard ~ Autumn whispering necklace & ring / Free (@ SHH)
  • Nails: Jamman Jewels ~ Lite Fingernails HUD Copper / 99ls only
  • Pant: Evolve ~ Patched Cords / Free (@ SHH)
  • Shoes: Duh! ~Summer harvest ankle boots / Free (@ SHH)
  • Pose prop: Sparrowtree Studio poses ~SSP sunflowers / free (@ SHH°