Cupcakes & Lollipops

Candies !

This is the new theme for this round of Perfect Wardrobe, where  grabbed the lovely Yulicie retro dress and the awesome set of poses made by Focus.

I completed the 2 looks with some news from Boom, Dossier, Yopulgaa and I ❤ Fashion 🙂


Look 1:

Look 2:




Hi girls 🙂

Well, you have to know, i don’t care if it’s the end of the world tomorrow ’cause….. I have Diktator Shoooooeeeesss !!! \o/ Loute Diesel can die happily now xD

No, i’m just kidding but, i’m super happy to have those shoes because they are simply one of the best i’ve never seen in 4 years of SL shopping. Super detailed, hud controlled, beautiful colors… one word : Perfect.

I made a look around these shoes of course, but also around the amazing new underbust corset by Motivaction. This piece is soo sexy and definitely a must have for big-boobs-gals.

Here are the details of this look :

PicMonkey Collage