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Naughty School Girl

The new mini skirt from Milk gave me the idea of making a naughty girl outfit 🙂

I associated the new Motivaction top to this skirt. This top include a hud so you can change the colors of the jacket, the tie, and the shirt.


school 2

Un week-end à la campagne

The new Stuff in Stock has begun !

New build, new rules, new designers ! Everything is brand new for 2013 and i really love this idea 🙂  SIS is now divided into 2 rooms, designers can make 4 exclusive items per round intead of one, and everything is under 100 ls !

>> Taxi To Stuff in Stock <<

robe verte_001

robe verte_002


– Michelle –

The new fur hoodie from Monso gave me the idea to make a simple casual outfit with some other items i’ve found through different events.

My blog has less and less page views 😦 I don’t really understand why… so if you have any suggestions or corrections you want me to bring to my blog, don’t hesitate to tell me !


Princesse de Janvier

Sometimes I like to write. And sometimes I have nothing to say.

So, I let the picture talk for me.



Merry Christmas by Severed Garden

Merry christmas to you all !

Here are the last releases by Severed Garden for christmas time.

The lingerie outfit “Cindy” is also available in red as a group gift !

merry christmas

Severed garden

Look 1 :

Look 2:

Severed garden 2


Hi girls 🙂

Well, you have to know, i don’t care if it’s the end of the world tomorrow ’cause….. I have Diktator Shoooooeeeesss !!! \o/ Loute Diesel can die happily now xD

No, i’m just kidding but, i’m super happy to have those shoes because they are simply one of the best i’ve never seen in 4 years of SL shopping. Super detailed, hud controlled, beautiful colors… one word : Perfect.

I made a look around these shoes of course, but also around the amazing new underbust corset by Motivaction. This piece is soo sexy and definitely a must have for big-boobs-gals.

Here are the details of this look :

PicMonkey Collage